Version Control w/ git

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Tutorials and resources

If you are a git beginner start from these tutorials to get a grasp of what is git and how to use it efficiently.

If you are a seasoned git user check these resources for a - hopefully - more in depth look.

You can also Learn how to use Github.

Cheat sheets

Quick info about git can be found here and here.


To detect secrets within a code base you can use detect-secrets or gitleaks. Also reviewdog is an automated code review tool.

To lint commit messages there are tools like gitlint and commitlint.

For a package release workflow you can check out semantic-release, standard-version, release-it, beachball, auto, release-please and ossjs/release.

Regarding changelog automation, see vercel/release, changesets and the modules in the conventional-changelog ecosystem.

Nice packages regarding git hooks are lint-staged and husky.

A simple terminal UI for git and forgit a utility tool.

A nice git wrapper for Node.js simple-git.

Run Github actions locally with act.

Use cz to define a standard way of committing.

Rewrite git history with git-filter-repo.

Perform queries on .git files with GQL.

A CLI to create better-commits.


Code review

Interesting sites

If you want to start contributing to open source software this should be a good place to start.

Interesting articles

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